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Fanwork Critical Analysis #3

Fanwork Critical Analysis #3 (Fanfic: "100 Days 026 - 035")
Fanwork: Original Tumblr Posts 1 & 2 / On Livejournal 1 & 2 / On Fanfiction.Net

Context of this fanart:

(This fanfiction is a continuation of the first fanfic I did for this class, so I'm going to be repeating myself a lot...)

100 Days is a drabble series I began back in 2009 when I was at my height of involvement in the Nabari no Ou fandom. I got really sick in November of that year and pretty much stopped all fanfic writing at that point.

I began 100 Days as part of the 100 drabble challenge, though I'm not using a particular prompt table. The frame of 100 Days is that the drabbles are cataloging Yoite's last hundred days alive. (When he's introduced in the series he only has about three months left to live.) I don't constrain myself to exactly those one hundred days, but that's the basic concept.

1. Why did you choose to do this particular work?

I originally intended to make a fanvideo for my final work so I would have a complete set of three different works. I began working on the video and learning how to use video editing software, but it quickly became obvious to me that I would not finish in time. The professor said we were allowed to repeat a fanwork type, so I decided to continue working on the drabble series.

My reasons for beginning the drabble series back in 2009 and for picking it up again for this class remain the same. I began 100 Days because I enjoy filling up holes in the canon and because the Nabari fandom NEEDS MORE FANFIC. I picked the project up again because I felt guilty about never finishing. I'm thirty-five drabbles in out of one hundred, so I'm finally getting somewhere!

2. What about your fandom made you think this work would be successful?

This is fanfic focused upon Yoite and the Nabari fandom loves Yoite. I'm pretty sure that is My drabbles go from almost-cheerful to where-are-my-Kleenex, so there is something for everyone's tastes. Also, drabble series are nice to read because you don't necessarily have to remember what happened before the current update to understand what is going on. Since many people in this fandom kind of drift in and out, this is helpful.

3. What is successful feedback for this fandom?

The Nabari fandom is small, so any positive feedback is about equivalent to a standing ovation. (Okay, I'm exaggerating, but it's true.) I am quite happy with any comments I get and although I only very recently posted my latest drabbles I’ve already gotten a couple of very nice comments, so I consider this fanwork to be successful.


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